At the beginning of this new school year, I have been warmly welcomed as I join the Principal, BOM, staff, students and parents of Carrignafoy Community College, as Deputy Principal. Life often goes full circle and so it is, as I began my career in Cobh and am now fortunate to have the chance to return. My work, teaching English and as a resource teacher, has taken me to many schools over the years, both in the UK and Ireland, most locally in St. Aloysius’ College. For the past five years, I have travelled throughout Ireland, supporting teachers with the Special Education Support Service and then in a management role with the National Council for Special Education.

I am now looking forward to the new opportunities and experiences as Carrignafoy grows and develops. It promises to be an exciting and vibrant time and I am looking forward to being part of this and getting to know all the members of the school community in the near future.

Kathryn Fitzgerald.