2016-03-16_17-16-21Mission Statement:

We welcome all, on a basis of care and respect, and encourage each one to strive for personal excellence.

The college is a vibrant educational institution that has become an integral part of Community life in Cobh since being established in 1935. Through determination to serve the Community we provide Post-Primary Education and Continuing Education and continue to nurture links with varying clubs and organisations within the town and surrounding areas. We embrace change and continue to plan in an effort to meet the increasing and changing needs of the local community. The College is a modern co-educational second-level school situated on Carrignafoy Road. We offer a broad, comprehensive curriculum, which embraces Academic, Practical and Technological Education. The School ethos and spirit promotes academic excellence, a happy and caring environment, self confidence and the moral, intellectual and social development of students.



We set high standards for ourselves and for our students. Many of our past pupils hold important and fulfilling positions in the world of work, both in Cobh and further afield. Today our students compete very well at University and Third Level Colleges around the country and abroad.



All students are encouraged to use “Respect” as their watch word. Respect for:

  • Themselves
  • Others
  • Property
  • Their families
  • Their community.


Pastoral Care: 

To promote a sense of belonging and to help students cope with the pressures of adolescence a system of pastoral care operates in the school.

Each class is assigned a class teacher and each class year group a year tutor, so that student’s progress can be monitored carefully.

The Career Guidance, Special Needs, Home School Counsellor Co-Ordinator and Religion teachers are available to meet students individually and with groups of students to help them personally and socially.

Information Technology (IT): 

Our School is at the leading edge of computer education with two fully equipped IT rooms complete with email and internet access.

Cobh Community College is an officially recognised centre for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). All students take computer education and Transition Year students get the opportunity to study for the ECDL. The ECDL is also available to our Post Leaving Certificate and Adult Evening Classes.


Parent’s Involvement: 

Parents are actively encouraged to involve themselves in education as a co-operative effort between the home and the school.

Regular Parent / Teacher meetings are held where an interchange of views can be expressed. Parents are also consulted on all decisions relating to them. There are two Parent Representatives on the Board of Management which involves them in the policy and decision making.

All parents are invited to join in our very active Parents Association which over the years has been a great support. They have contributed generously to the school such as Prayer Room, Book Rental Scheme, Technology and Science Rooms, Student Lockers, Wood Turning, Lathe and many other student facilities.


Book Rental Scheme: 

With the support and encouragement of our parents a very successful book rental scheme is in operation. Text books are rented to the parents and returned at the end of the year. This helps to cut the cost for parents.


Community Awareness: 

Programmes are well established that promote interest and care for the environment. We encourage students to take part in such student activities as “CLM”, “Concern”, “Roof”, “Aontas” and other such worthwhile youth organisations.


Religious Education: 

Every student follows a recognised course in Religious Education. The School is very proud of it’s Christian ethos and tradition and encourages participation in school Masses, reconciliation services, school retreats and experience in the Prayer and Pastoral life.


Transition Year:

This is a one year programme available immediately after the Junior Cycle. Our Transition Year programme provides valuable opportunities for Fourth Year Students to experience at first hand the many facets of adult working life while still continuing with their academic studies. Enterprise Education and Work Experience are major components of the year. The students are also encouraged to get involved in various community projects.


Music Scheme: 

A thriving music scheme exists at the School offering tuition in a wide range of instruments. Community College students can avail of tuition as part of the school’s programme.


Special Needs Education: 

The advice and assistance of trained teachers are available to any student to help cope with the change from Primary School.


Home / School Community Liaison: 

The school has appointed a teacher to further home / school links through this scheme. The aims are:

  • To raise awareness in the parents of their own capacities to enhance their children’s educational progress.
  • To promote active co-operation between home, school and relevant community agencies in promoting the educational interests of the students.
  • To maximise active participation of children in the learning process.

Guidance And Counselling: 

The expertise of a trained Guidance Counsellor is available to our students and to their parents. Parenting courses are now a feature of our counsellors work. Her efforts have helped many parents in their most important and difficult task.

For further information on the school, please visit www.education.ie and follow these steps:

  • Click on the Inspectorate link
  • In the left hand side panel, click on School Inspection Reports
  • Select Cork County in the “Select a County” option
  • Select Cobh in the “Select School’s Town” option
  • Type Cobh Community College into the “Enter School Name” panel

You should now have access to Inspection Reports for the school