Carrignafoy Community College
School Regulations

(Admission To The School Implies Acceptance of All School Rules)

Each student at the school has a right to learn in a peaceful and calm environment. No student will be permitted to cause disruption. Therefore a high standard of behaviour is expected from the students at all times. The rules set out below apply to all students when on the school premises, when in school uniform, while on designated trips or outings, engaged in extra curricular activities or attending functions organised by the school.

(1) Pupils must show co-operation, good manners and respect to all members of staff as well as to each other and to obey instructions by staff. The use of bad language will not be tolerated.

(2) Students are expected to attend school every day and be punctual. In the case of absence a written explanation, in the school journal, signed by parents/guardians must be submitted to the Class Teacher.

(3) In the event of an unplanned half day, Parents / Guardians should contact the school prior to 2 pm. If the student needs to leave school early a note from the parents / guardians must be given to the class teacher at assembly on the day in question.

(4) Unauthorised departure from the school within school hours is considered a serious breach of school rules. Parents are advised that insurance inplications may arise in the event of an unauthorised departure from school.

(5) Parents must provide a phone number at which they are contactable during school hours.

(6) Students must have a school journal, homework and all appropriate equipment and materials as required. Each student is responsible for his / her own personal belongings.

(7) The wearing of school uniform is obligatory at all times, including state examinations.

(8) Smoking or use of alcohol on the school grounds is forbidden.

(9) Use of / dealing in illegal drugs is likely to lead to expulsion.

(10) Safety and life protection equipment is for the benefit of all. Under no circumstances are they to be interfered with.

(11) The use of mobile phones / other electronic devices is restricted to morning break and lunchtime only.

(12) Damage to school property or the personal property of staff and fellow students will not be tolerated.

(13) Parents should contact the school secretary if they wish to meet a teacher during school hours. Teachers must not be interrupted during class times and may be seen by appointment only.