22nd October 2020

Letter from the HSE to all parents of students in the school


19th October 2020

Uniform update: 

Dear parents,

As the weather gets colder and we will need to keep windows open for ventilation, students will be allowed to wear jackets in class. Ideally, students should wear the school jacket (available from our uniform suppliers), but students may wear their own jacket if you do not have the school one. Please note that full school uniform must be worn under the jacket (apart from PE days). Hoodies under the school uniform are not permitted. 

In relation to PE, following requests from parents, we are working on a school tracksuit which will be available after the mid-term break to those who wish to buy it. Otherwise, a navy tracksuit pants, the school blue polo shirt and a navy top are acceptable for PE. Shorts may not be worn at school.

Thank you for your co-operation, and please discuss this with your son/daughter.

Kind regards,

Tracey Kennedy, Principal, Carrignafoy Community College, Cobh.