Dear parents/guardians/students over 18,

We look forward to rolling out our online learning programme to students tomorrow, and will do our best to ensure that the experience is as positive as possible for everyone.

We will begin with year group assemblies at 8.37am tomorrow morning – invitations to these, and to all classes, will be sent to your child via Teams, so they will need to log on first thing in the morning. At these assemblies, Year Heads will go through the expectations with students, and also discuss any concerns they may have. Students will continue to meet their class teachers online every morning at 8.37am, just as they do in school. Please make your child/children aware of the following:

  • Microsoft Teams will be the main method of communication between students and teachers (you can find out more about Teams on our YouTube webinar at Carrignafoy CC: Teams & Office 365 for Parents – YouTube).
  • Teachers and SNAs may contact students via Teams on a one-to-one basis for the purposes of learning support, guidance, pastoral care etc. If you have any concerns about this, please contact me.
  • Teachers will only connect with students during school hours.
  • Attendance at classes will be monitored as normal.
  • Students should follow their normal school timetables, so for example, if Maths is at 8.45am on Wednesday, your child should be doing Maths at that time. If a teacher gives a live lesson, this lesson cannot be repeated, but lesson materials (eg Powerpoint presentations) will be posted in Teams.
  • Under no circumstances should live lessons be recorded by a student. Any attempt to do so will be dealt with severely under the Code of Behaviour. Teachers will not be recording lessons either due to GDPR concerns.
  • Students are encouraged to keep their cameras OFF during live lessons – this generally works better where internet signal is poor, and may also make students more comfortable.
  • At the first online class for each subject, teachers will outline the plan for the rest of the week to students.
  • It will not always be possible for teachers to deliver live classes online for various reasons, but work will still be provided to students through Teams/email and should be completed at the assigned time. Homework will be provided as normal.
  • Resource classes will continue at the timetabled times.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the same standards of behaviour in online classes as in school.
  • Teachers will occasionally be absent due to illness and other reasons, but students should still be working on that subject at the timetabled time.

We will continue to support all students with special educational needs during this period of school closure, both through resources classes and through extra support from our SEN team. Our ASD and MGLD class co-ordinators will be in regular contact with students in these classes and their parents.

With regards to technology, Teams can be accessed via phones, laptops, tablets, X-Boxes and Playstations (for instructions on these, see the school Facebook page).

In an ideal world, it would be great for your child/children to have a quiet space in the house to do their schoolwork, with a table and comfortable chair, but again, I understand that this may be difficult, particularly if you have several children. It has been suggested to us that getting children to get up and put on their school uniform may help to keep them to routine, but you will know what works best for your child.

Please note that we fully understand that there will be many factors which may make it difficult for your child/children to engage with online learning, and I would urge you to contact the relevant Year Head or our Home School Liaison Teacher Mr. Raleigh at the earliest opportunity so that we can see what can be done to help. The sooner we are aware of any problems, the sooner we can work on resolving them. Year Head contact details are as follows:

Year 1: Ms. L. McHugh 0860657954

Year 2: Ms. E. O’Meara 0860657957

Year 3: Ms. F. Murphy 0860657959

Year 4: Ms. M. Geary 0860657960

Year 5: Ms. M. Lyons 0860657961

Year 6: Ms. K. Murphy 0860657966

You can also email Mr. Raleigh at, and he will be attempting to contact as many families as possible over the coming days.

The school office will not be staffed as much as usual, but feel free to phone 021-4811325 and leave a message, as we can access messages remotely.

We will hold an online meeting for parents early next week, when we have all had a chance to review the operation of our remote learning plan.

I sincerely hope that you have some support for yourselves at this really difficult time, and would like to remind you once again that if you need to talk to someone, you can phone Parentline at 1890 927 277 or free text 50808 for support in any area of your life. The HSE is also running a course of free online stress control classes starting today – register at

Thank you once again, and please stay safe,

Tracey Kennedy, Principal.