Athletic Past Pupil:

Sonia O’Sullivan was born in Cobh in 1969. She was the dominant force in 5000m running for most of the 1990s Sonia_1and early 2000s. Her crowning acheivement was a Gold medal at the 1995 World Athletics Championships. She also set a record time in 1991, making her the first Irish woman to set a world track record. O’Sullivan won a silver medal at the 2000 Olympics and in 2005 was awarded freeperson of the city of Cork. She is without doubt Ireland’s greatest ever track and field athlete and a past pupil of Carrignafoy Community College.

Reflections of Past Pupils:

Diarmuid Moroney

“I spent 6 years in the Cobh Community College where I was given the best support possible in every way. As the years went on the teachers became my friends & we all got on so well that I am actually missing them now. I found all the teachers very helpful and very approachable whenever I needed any help or advice about anything. I always had an interest in music & and took clarinet lessons from Elizabeth Jones in the school. Cobh Community College is a Co Cork VEC School of Music centre. Mr Donovan set up music classes for me so that I could study it for my Junior & Leaving Certificate.


My musical talents were always appreciated & I was often asked to perform at school functions. This helped to give me the confidence to pursue my musical abilities and to choose my career path which is studying Arts with Music at UCC. Of course I also had to work hard at my other subjects but there again I received all the help possible. I always had a great laugh and craic with all my friends in school which I will always remember. I think there is a lot of credit due to the school for giving me such a wonderful six years of my life. I would strongly advise younger students to continue their second level education in Cobh Community College. I would be happy in promoting the school to younger students. I am very proud to be a past pupil of Cobh Community College and will always have very fond memories of my time there.”

Diarmuid Moroney

Ian Halligan

“My name is Ian Halligan and I am a past pupil of Carrignafoy Community College. I am currently studying Marine and Plant Engineering in The National Marine College of Ireland (NMCI). Throughout the 6 years I was a pupil at Carrignafoy Community College, I experienced nothing but support from the staff. In my early years I saw the teachers as teachers, but in my final 2 years they also became more like friends, giving us nothing but support and guidance so as to reach our own personal goals. Some of these teachers went beyond the call of duty giving extra classes at lunch time, after school and during mid-term breaks.

My aim was to study Engineering at 3rd level and throughout my years in Carrignafoy Community College, I had the best of engineering and technical graphic workshop and equipment at my disposal. I will always look back at my years spent in the college with great fondness.”

Ian Halligan

Richard Burke

“My name is Richard Burke. I am currently studying Electronic Systems Engineering in C.I.T. I completed my Leaving Certificate at Carrignafoy Community College in June 2010. I spent six years as a student at the college and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I found it to be a very positive environment. I found the range of subjects and extra curricular activities to be broad. I constantly received encouragement and support from my teachers, especially my class teachers and year heads.

Looking back now I would consider my years spent at Carrignafoy Community College to have been exciting, challenging, fun and rewarding. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Principal, Mr. Frank Donovan and all my former teachers for their efforts and support over the years and wish them all every success in the future.”

Richard Burke


“A good all round school, fantastic practical facilities and music/acting facilities”. Ryan

“Very advanced I.T. facilities, super computers and laptops.” Dave

“I got more than enough points which allowed me to pursue a course in Environmental and Earth Science in U.C.C.” Mark, Leaving Cert. 2009.

“The teachers inspire us, motivate us but most importantly they have become friends to all of us.” Kiara, Student of the Year 2010.

“… I was given the best support possible … my musical talents were always appreciated.” Diarmuid, (Music) U.C.C. Leaving Cert 2009.